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Terms and conditions

Our site uses the booking engine of the Association of Hoteliers in Ibiza and Formentera, which provides all the necessary guarantees so you can book with confidence.

Purchase summary

At the time of confirming the booking, the system sends a message with the purchase summary to your email address, as the bonus is displayed on screen.

If your spam filter blocks and removes you purchase summary, do not worry; we'll send it again if you require us.

You can print and keep the voucher that is always displayed on the screen, if you want to present to your arrival, or just record locator number.

NEW tourist tax

The booking price does not include the new tourist tax, which will be communicated upon arrival, to be satisfied at the time of checkin.

The tax is calculated depending on the number of people and length of stay, among other factors.


If you can not come and enjoy your holiday in Ibiza, please report it asap by phone or email.

Please always indicate clearly the name of the person who made the booking, and the locator reference in the header of the voucher (when possible).

We'll refund the amounts paid in the following cases:

  • When you report the cancellation more than one week prior to arrival, we will refund all amounts paid.

  • When you report the cancellation less than one week in advance, we charge the price of the first night and we will refund the difference.

  • If you cancel with only three days notice —or less— it will not be possible to recover the amount paid as security.

Early departure

If you leave earlier than expected, we charge the price of an extra night to which you have stayed.

Special deals

Currently we offer a discount, conditional on no refund of deposit if cancellation of booking is made.

If you accept our discount, and subsequently canceled the reservation, you will not be able to recover the amount paid in any case.

If for sure you are coming to Ibiza, then this offer interests you.

Arrival date

On arrival day we will have your room ready after 14:00.

Depending on the availability of the day, it would be —sometimes— possible to provide the room earlier.

Departure day

The last day you must vacate the room by 12:00 hours.

Depending on the availability of the day, it would be possible to leave the room after 12:00 hours, paying a fee.

Luggage room

If you arrive before 14:00 hours first day, or if you have scheduled to depart after 12:00 hours the last day, we offer a luggage room where you can leave your luggage.

Credit card payments

When paying by credit card, the legitimate holder must present it at the hotel reception upon arrival, for the safety of all.

If you break the rules of the hotel, you can be evicted from the property by management.

Attention: your booking implies compliance with these conditions.

Spam filter care

Make sure your spam filter allows entry to all messages sent from @hotelvedra.com before booking.

Beware of anti-spam filters

This prevents the message we send you with purchase summary resulting discarded.

Once you have received our message, you can set the filter as before, if you feel it is necessary.